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James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive
Oregon, WI 53575-1129
phone: 1-608-835-7937

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Interviews & Testimonials

Here are interviews of Midwest Book Review founder and Editor-in-Chief James A. Cox, as well as a few testimonials.

Feel free to submit your own testimonial! For the sake of privacy, only the first name of testimonial contributors will be mentioned on-site.

Tracy Smoak's Interviews of Jim Cox (YouTube videos)

Interview Transcripts



Hi, Jim -- Just wanted you to know that I received two advance reviews for poetry collections that you had assigned to Diane Donovan. Each of these books is completely different from the other, but Diane's range was able to deal with them in an honest and direction way.

I'm grateful to you for assigning these Garden Oak Press books to Diane, and grateful to Midwest Book Review for the service it provides to independent presses like ours.

Warmest wishes,

I want to thank you so much for including "My Love Is with You Wherever You Go" in the Children's Bookwatch, October 2017. I am humbled an grateful to be included in your reviews.

I believe your review for my previous book, "A Very Special Christmas Tree", was helpful not only for sales, but the book was awarded a gold medal from the Illumination Book Awards, and a bronze medal in the Moonbeam Children's Book awards. I'm certain that reading published reviews is an integral part of the selection.

As you know, reviews can make or break a book, and your kind inclusion means the world to me...

Warm Regards,

Do you know about Jim Cox's Midwest Book Review? It's a lot more than a respected review site that considers all books based on their content and value, not on the press they are printed on. But it's a lot more than that. Reviews chosen for publishing may get included on any of a number of special editions aimed at librarians and specific regions. A review of "How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically" by Diane Donovan, editor of The California Bookwatch, appeared on her "Writing/Publishing Shelf".

Reviewers and editors always give permission to expand the exposure of the reviews they write so that means when yours is chosen, you can submit it according to the guidelines in the left column to the sister of this blog, The New Book Review. Be sure to subscribe while you're there. High participation benefits all the writers, publishers, and reviewers who contribute to it.


This morning I saw your very kind review of our new "Esme" book, and I called my sister and co-author right away. We are incredibly grateful to be in your "Children's Bookwatch." It is our first professional review!

We came late to the review process, and I learned that not many places will review a self-published children's book that has already been released to the world. With the help of your website and other sites, I found four places to apply, and I sent the book to all of them. Without a doubt, I have learned a lot from your website.

It is possible that your review will end up being our only one, which makes it even more important to us. Thank you!

With heartfelt gratitude,
Holly (and Jane)

This indie publisher, now with 10 books in print (plus foreign rights sales), is indebted to honest, free, important reviews from Midwest Book Review. Sadly, I know of no equivalent review resource for indies in the U.S. Sadder, I've found nothing else that comes even close.

Seems to me, much in publishing today is compromised by greed, as if a writer's purpose is to personally "Follow the money." Reviews at MBR resonate with my own motto, distinctly different: "Follow the truth."


Thanks to you, my book became the #1 non-fiction book on Amazon last Tuesday, and the #6 Kindle Ebook overall. The top 100 Amazon listings are typically fiction books, so this was a significant win for us.

I am truly thankful for your support, as the book has had over 11,500 downloads and sales continue to climb the paid charts today.


I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. You don't know me personally, but I wanted to thank you and your staff for your service, commitment and love for this community. It is making an impact. Your work is bearing fruit. So thank you! Be encouraged :)

You are making a difference. Keep it up :)

With Gratitude,